All Bamboo Pillowcases - Set of 2 (Pure White) - Housewife Style

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Size: Standard
The 100% bamboo fabric used in our Bamboo Pillowcases is incredibly soft, smooth and luxurious - if you are new to bamboo fabric then we're sure that you will be delighted!
  • Colour: Pure White
  • Two Housewife style Pillowcases
  • Hypoallergenic and Super-Absorbent
  • Ideal for those with allergies, eczema, night sweats and menopausal symptoms
  • Size: 50cm L x 75cm W

Not only does bamboo fabric look and feel wonderful, it has many other fantastic properties. Hypoallergenic and antibacterial, it is perfect for those with eczema and sensitive skin. It is highly absorbent and moisture wicking, helping to regulate body temperature and giving you a great night's sleep. Bamboo fabric is more breathable and absorbent than cotton.

Our bamboo bed linen is made for All Bamboo with a subtle silky sheen. The nature of the fabric makes its 300 thread count feel like 500-800 in other fabrics. Its luxurious softness is retained wash after wash without using fabric softeners.

100% bamboo viscose. Click "Fabric Information" below to find out more.

Size Guide

The sizes below are "on the bed" sizes after 1-2 launderings - bamboo fabric naturally shrinks by up to 3-5% on the first 1-2 washes, and we take that into account in our sizes.

Duvet Cover: 200cm L x 140cm W
Fitted Sheet: 195cm L x 90cm W x  36cm D
Flat Sheet: 275cm L x 180cm W

Duvet Cover: 200cm L x 200cm W
Fitted Sheet: 195cm L x 140cm W x  36cm D
Flat Sheet: 275cm L x 235cm W

Duvet Cover: 220cm L x 230cm W
Fitted Sheet: 200cm L x 150cm W x  36cm D
Flat Sheet: 275cm L x 275cm W

Super King
Duvet Cover: 220cm L x 260cm W
Fitted Sheet: 200cm L x 180cm W x  36cm D
Flat Sheet: 275cm L x 300cm W

50cm L x 75cm W
Our Oxford style pillowcases have a 5cm border

Care Instructions

All Bamboo bed linen is oversized to allow for shrinkage in the first few washes, so please don’t worry if your product is slightly large to start with.

Wash before use: All Bamboo bed linen is not pre-washed. To account for shrinkage, we recommend that you wash your bed linen at 40°C for the first couple of washes, and at 30°C for subsequent washes.

Button duvet covers closed before washing. Bamboo fabric is very absorbent and therefore particularly heavy when wet. If not buttoned closed before washing, the weight will put strain on the duvet cover opening seams.

Cold or warm machine wash on a gentle cycle.

Use a non-biological detergent that does not contain optical brighteners, bleaching agents or enzymes. These may damage the fabric and cause it to pill (bobble). Note that some brands of non-biological detergents may contain optical brighteners. We recommend ecover Zero in the UK. Avoid stain removal products.

Do not use fabric conditioner. This can reduce absorbency and breathability.

Line dry if possible. If necessary, finish off in a tumble dryer at a low to medium temperature. Do not over-dry and remove promptly.

Medium heat steam iron. If using a non-steam iron, use a lower temperature and iron while the fabric is slightly damp.

Do not bleach.

Do not dry clean.

Fabric Information

Why bamboo "viscose"? Bamboo needs to be processed to turn it into a fabric. By law, we must include the word "viscose" in the fabric description. (You may see some bamboo products labelled as "lyocell", which is essentially the same fabric as bamboo viscose, just manufactured in a slightly different way. Sometimes you might see "rayon" - that's the American way of saying viscose).

If you see bamboo fabric products without a description as "viscose" or "lyocell", don't be fooled into thinking it is a different fabric: it is bamboo viscose!

All our bed linen has been produced to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. This is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. OEKO-TEX® testing for harmful substances focuses on the actual use of the textile. Our suppliers for bed linen have OEKO-TEX® certification. For further information see

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