What Do Certifications Actually Mean?

We don’t usually like putting labels on things, but when it comes to sustainability, labels matter.

Now, we'll take this slow, because you know - slow fashion -pluscertifications, numbers and codes can be hard to wrap your head around.

Boody is made fairly and responsibly.What does this mean? It means that we work with top-rated factories that meet the highest standards of labour and environmental practices.

We know it’s impossible to be 100% sustainable, but recognise that everything we do is considered and mindful - for our makers, for you and for the planet.

Code of Conduct 


Ecocert is an inspection and certification body accredited under the International Standard ISO/IEC 17065 :2012. Founded in 1991 in France by agricultural engineers aware of the need to develop agricultural practices that respects the environment, Ecocert has become the leader in Organic Certification globally.

At each step, Ecocert provides a guarantee of traceability and transparency that meets the expectations of consumers and users. Certification is subject to supervision and requires site visits.We are proud that the raw bamboo we use to make Boody's signature bamboo viscose yarn is certified by Ecocert SA as organic according to the Ecocert Organic standard. Our yarn is certified by Ecocert, not our finished garments.

Fashion Forever Green Pact

The Fashion Forever Green Pact is a call to immediate action for the fashion industry brands, retailers and manufacturers alike to adopt responsible sourcing in support of the world’s forests. Through a commitment to responsible procurement policies, certified sourcing and FSC® labeling, the fashion industry can support the sustainable production of renewable fibres. Joining the Pact assures brands are proactive in supporting responsible forestry, manufacturers realise their essential role in maintaining supply chain integrity and consumers are enabled to shop responsibly.

All bamboo involved in the production of Boody comes from FSC®-certified forests that follow FSC®-defined best practices throughout the production and supply chain. This means that the farming and harvesting of our bamboo fibre crops used to produce Boody do not contribute to natural habitat loss or destruction. Although our plantations are FSC®-certified, our finished garments are not.


With more than 6.5 million members and supporters worldwide, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the largest animal rights organisation on the planet. All Boody products are PETA-Approved certified, meaning no animal products are used in the production of our garments (making them 100% vegan).

This is particularly important to us at Boody because our commitment to protecting the planet has no boundaries, from the environment to its inhabitants. We work with certified factories and suppliers to produce bamboo-rich clothing, but the bamboo used to produce our fabrics is not the same bamboo that pandas eat. Meaning no pandas have gone hungry in the creation of our clothing!


OEKO-TEX certifies that our finished fabric contains no harmful chemicals. OEKO-TEX is internationally renowned and uses an independent body for all certifications. For information on which products are certified please see each product page respectively.

When Boody products are certified, it means that all the thread, fabrics and trims meet the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex requirements. For information on which products are certified please see each product page respectively.


B Corp is a holistic certification that assures our social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency are of the highest standard across every aspect of our business.

In joining the global B Corp community, we are solidifying our promise to always balance purpose and profit and consistently use our business as a force for good.

We are the first underwear brand in Australia and New Zealand to wear the B Corp badge. Boody achieved a first-time score of 101.6. The average B Corp score is 90 and 51 for first-time applicants.

We work with companies including SGS and Intertek to ensure we meet the benchmark for quality and integrity. Their core services are split into four categories: inspection, testing, certification and verification.

What is Tested

Bursting strength
Pilling resistance
Fabric weight per unit area
Free formaldehyde content
Azo dyes
Extractable heavy metals