WHY Bonita underwear? who we are?
True independent choices from Brands that have sustainability at its forefront.

In a fast fashion world and the planet getting warmer, things needs to change in order to make an impact and help our carbon reduction. With large fashion companies claiming to be sustainable by using recycled plastic, which isn’t breathable, soft or comfortable. We deserve better.

At Bonita we wanted consumers to have better choices of underwear, that is breathable, comfortable and soft. Most women will complain about how uncomfortable their bras are, at Bonita you have the best choices of underwear that are comfortable and easily wearable.

We are constantly looking for alternative, eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives so our business leaves a smaller footprint on the planet. Our factories are Oeko-Tex certified, our packaging is 100% biodegradable and home compostable, we use FSC Certified Paper for our tags and none of our excess stock is ever sent to landfill and is given to non-profit organisations to help the disadvantaged. 

We provide the best choices for organic and sustainable underwear for Men and Women.

For organic Bamboo buy from https://bonitaecowear.co.uk/ our selection of choices of brand Boody 

Another great way to help reduce our impact on the planet are Period Pants, yes the essential knicker for your draw. We have chosen to offer flux pack deals on their range available at https://bonitaecowear.co.uk/

Ethical eco underwear using natural yarns from Bamboo, Tencel, organic cotton and even the elastane’s from recycled sources is the guarantee you have when selecting from the Bonita recommendations.

The best fabric for comfort and sustainable underwear is Bamboo, however you can still find great styles that use Tencel, organic cotton, Modal, Hemp, Silk and even recycled polyester.

Each of these has their unique characteristics and feel.

For softness then Bamboo or Tencel is fantastic.

Whatever choice you decide upon will be a much more sustainable product than what is available at conventional retail stores.

We deliver great choice of eco sustainable underwear giving the extra yard for service and ease of ordering.

Feel comfortable and confident in eco sustainable underwear the perfect match for anyone who struggles with the effects of sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions as well as sensory conditions such as autism.

It’s small changes like this that can help make a difference to help fight against climate change. Why wear recycled plastic when you deserve more!

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