Meet The Padded Shaper Crop Bra

What’s the first thing you do when you get home? The take-your-bra-off-as-soon-as-you-can is a familiar scenario for many women. It’s a liberating feeling that follows with an instant ooh and ahh and signals the end of a long day. Yep, you made it - now off it comes. 

But when you think about why you dislike wearing a bra on a daily basis, what are some of the top reasons on your list? For many, it’s the consensus that the under-wire feels restrictive and uncomfortable, especially after wearing it for 8+ hours. 

We’re redefining the way you think about bras and have designed super-soft, seamfree and wireless bra styles that are still supportive and can be worn out of the house as much as they can when you want to relax at home. Ethically made from organically grown bamboo; discover the Boody difference in our Ultimate Women’s Bra Guide.

Meet The Padded Shaper Crop Bra

Its contoured cups provide lasting support and give you a perfectly smooth shape underneath any top; meaning you can feel comfortable and wear for everyday wear. The Padded Shaper Crop Bra features a double layer insert that will give you double the confidence and extra coverage, sitting higher on your chest while also creating a defined, natural-looking bust. The contour ribbing and wider straps provide the gentle support you crave when wearing a bra.

Meet The Shaper Crop Bra

Meet The Shaper Crop Bra

Featuring our signature seamfree design, the Shaper Crop Bra pulls on with ease and feels wonderfully comfortable. The soft ribbing and round neck provide contour, enhancing your natural shape. Less coverage than the Padded Shaper Crop Bra, the Shaper Crop Bra has no padding and a single layer of fabric meaning it is lighter to wear.

Meet The Ribbed Seamless Bra

Meet The Ribbed Seamless Bra

Crafted in a breathable, stretchy ribbed knit fabric - our Ribbed Seamless Bra can be worn as a base layer or alone as a crop top. The Ribbed Seamless Bra is the perfect balance of style and comfort. Discover its soft scoop back and wide under band to support you throughout the day. This easy style has wide non-adjustable wireless straps done in a seamfree design. It has no padding but is double layered to give you coverage and comfort at the same time.

Why wireless?

Wireless = comfort. We set out to create a better basis and we’re obsessed with you feeling and being comfortable. Our designers work around the clock sourcing the most innovative materials to create beautifully soft everyday essentials.

All our bras are thoughtfully designed. We've done away with all the nasty things – tricky fastenings, clips and have crafted a bra with no waste. Our seamfree design means that there is no fabric wastage and off-cuts. Our thoughtful seamfree design extends to ensuring comfort, allowing you to pull on and off with ease. All our bras provide low - medium support - wear comfortably at home or out and about with ease.

Why Bamboo?

Both bras are crafted in our signature organically-grown bamboo blend. Bamboo is a dream fibre – naturally eco-friendly, durable and superbly soft. It’s healthy on the skin, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic.

Why Bamboo?

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